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About Multiply Debate

Multiply Debate was set up in July, 2017 as a debate forum for dialogue and intelligent discussions by Center for Development – Pakistan. Live and online (Facebook Live, YouTube) it takes you to the heart of the issues that matter, in the company of some of the country’s outstanding individuals and most exciting members of intelligentcia. The topics of debates are carefully chosen and questionnaires are crafted for conclusive arguments. The debates lead to better and informed understanding of the audience with variant, diversified opinions on the proposed motion. Generally, the Multiply Debates are comprised of young experts, academics, activists for relevant topics, however, the debate has hosted the seasoned minds on complex issues. Multiply Debate is followed by a detailed report on the debate with key policy recommendations for the consumption of keen readers, policy makers, opinion makers, academics and general public. The anatomy of Multiply Debate would reveal the following objectives:

  1. We will cultivate a culture of dialogue, constructive arguments and meaningful debates.
  2. We will create a forum for young people to build their ideas and counter/parallel narrative.
  3. We will establish the Multiply Debate as a thought leader in speaking and listening in education.
  4. We will build live and online audience for younger generation.
  5. We will promote peace and egalitarian values through dialogue.

We broadly select topics which expand knowledge on areas such as International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Peaceful co-existence, Culture, Arts, Creativity, History, Economics, Humanities, law and the major global issues of the day.

Topics and participants, Multiply Debates have hosted so far:

“Technological Impact: Redefining Political Opinion Formation in Pakistan”

  • Maham F Khan – Communication and Data Analyst, Graduate of Oxford University.
  • Meera Nadeem – Research Associate at Jinnah Institute, Graduate of McGill University
  • Madeeha Shahid – Director Communication, Hashoo Group of Industries – Graduate of London School of Economics
  • Sachal Ahmad – Assistant Director at a Public Sector Organization
  • Ayesha Mujeeb – Scientist, Entrepreneur, Culture Enthusiast.

Multiply Debate – Edition 01


21st Century Diplomacy: The need for cultural Representation in defining Pakistan”

  • Adnan Ansari – Creative Director and Founder Pakistan Fashion Week London and Geneva
  • Chris East – Executive Producer and Co- Founder Pakistan Fashion Week London
  • Ayesha Mujeeb – Scientist, Entrepreneur, Culture Enthusiast.

2nd Edition of Multiply Debates. 21st Century diplomacy: The need of Cultural Representation in defining Pakistan.

Center for Development – Pakistan 发布于 2017年8月2日

Pakistan: The origin, past and future – 70th Independence Special

  • Saad Sultan – Founder and President, Center for Development – Pakistan
  • Syed Jalal Ali Shah – Director Public Relation, Center for Development – Pakistan
  • Khizar Manzoor – Director Research and an eminent Journalist

Multiply Debate – 3Pakistan: The Origin,Past & Future. Independence Special

Center for Development – Pakistan 发布于 2017年8月12日

“Are well informed voters a pre-requisite for Democracy?”
Moderator: Syed Jalal Ali Shah – Director Public Relations – Center for Development – Pakistan
Ms. Mashal Ahmed – Academic Expert on Social Engineering
Mr. Nosherwan Shahid – Advisor at Adam Smith International and Global Shaper at World Economic Forum
Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana – Director Communications(Hashoo Group) and Influencer
Mr. Saad Sultan – President, Center for Development – Pakistan

Multiply Debate 4:Are well informed voters a pre-requisite for Democracy?