Multiply Debate @ Center for Development – Pakistan

Announcement: Multiply Debate @ Center for Development – Pakistan.

CDP is organizing a platform for Intelligent Discussions paving way for creating new Ideas, Embracing the Centuries Old Concepts and Dissecting the Contemporary World.


Live and online we will take you to the heart of the issues that matter, in the company of some of the country’s outstanding individuals, youth and most exciting members of intelligentsia.

Center for Development – Pakistan aspires to be country’s premier debating forum and has come up with “Multiply Debates” for dialogues and intelligent discussions. The philosophy encircling Multiply is to harvest a culture of dialogue and information exchange to create new and parallel alternatives for coming generations thus creating ‘Renaissance of Ideas’.

Multiply Debate will bring students, young academics, researchers and activists together in small groups to craft their arguments,  and take part in interactive sessions which expand their knowledge of topics such as International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Philosophy, Peaceful Co-existence, Culture, Arts, Creativity, History, Economics, Humanities, law and the major national and global issues of the day.

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