Our Work

It is today we must create the world of the future.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Social Advocacy

CDP Think Tank

Policy Research

  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan with special emphasis on Afghanistan and Kashmir issue
  • Pakistan and 21st century: A Geopolitical, Geo-strategic economic power with hostile neighbors
  • Curbing Corruption: Economic Revolution through E-Governance in Pakistan
  • Silver Lining: Industrial & Business activities and law & order situation in Pakistan
  • What does Sovereignty mean without Economic fire power?
  • China’s String of Pearl Strategy: How important is CPEC?
  • China’s role in troubled Middle East and Afghanistan


  • Philosophical scope of sovereign guarantees in project finance normative to the energy sector.

Youth Inclusiveness in Policy Formation

  • Youth’s pertinent role in policyand critical thinking
  • Creating Possibilites: Avenues and ways for Youth’s role in hanrnessing democratic values

Arts Creativity and Culture

  • Culture, Religion and Dichotomy of people of west part of South Asia
  • Original Thinking: Pragmatism is a tool or need in new century thinking paradigm?
  • 4000BC: Does Pakistan need to find its historical and cultural roots?

Strategic Issues

  • Pakistan’s key position in Eurasia Future: China, Russia and Pakistan.
  • Gilgit Baltistan: Strategic Positioning of Gilgit Baltistan for CPEC with historical perspectives.
  • Turkey: Can there be a highway from Quetta to Istanbul through Tehran? Reviving Regional Cooperation for Development.


  • Agriculture: Government’s lack of control on Market price or lack of government’s interest in largest sector of Paksitan? What does future hold?
  • Water Scarcity: Let’s prepare for 2025.
  • Solutions are entitled to thinking and struggle - Saad Sultan, Founder CDP

      Solutions are entitled to thinking and struggle – Saad Sultan, Founder Center for Development – Pakistan