About Us

Center for Development-Pakistan is an independent, multi-partisan, apolitical Youth based Research Center and Social Advocacy Group registered under the Societies Act of Pakistan. It is a unique platform for young researchers, activists and academics to develop their thoughts and articulate their opinions on policy making and social issues alike concerning Pakistan, the region and world at large.

Center for Development – Pakistan takes up advocacy on social issues of pertinent importance for Pakistan.

Mission:  To become a shared platform for innovative ideas to bring the best out of PEOPLE.

 To become key organization globally for sustainable development solutions and opinion formation.

Our Values:

Our core values

CDP as an organization unanimously puts faith in dialogue, analysis and information exchange among diversified groups, societies and nations.

What we do?

Policy Development

To produce research and white papers on issues of pertinent importance such as Foreign Policy, Economic Policy, Social Policy, Youth Policy and Education etc.

Social Advocacy

CD-Pakistan takes up causes and campaigns of paramount importance to society and youth as a whole.

Objectives and goals of Center for Development are:

  • Engaging youth to create awareness through community based programs.
  • Empowering communities through inclusiveness in policy making especially youth.
  • Emphasizing on quality education and adaptations against Climate Change, pushing towards creating alliances.
  • Mobilize community, Institutions and Governments towards proper solutions of the existing problems
  • Youth Inclusiveness in Policy Making (Political, Economic and Social)
  • Youth Development through empowerment
  • Strengthening Egalitarian values in Pakistani society through innovative modes.
  • Social Advocacy Campaigns concerning: Environment, Education and Democracy.

How we do it?

Center for Development – Pakistan carry out development programs at three levels:


Center for Development – Pakistan’s modus operandi is a very well-crafted process that includes Research, Analysis, Dialogue, Publication and Information exchange through:

  • Public meetings, Conferences, Seminars and Events,
  • Digital Media campaigns
  • Broadcast media and social media,
  • Publications in print and online,
  • And a wide range of outreach activities.

At The CDP, we harvest a culture called, Renaissance of Ideas. Furthermore, the Center provides with the means and opportunities to join the national and international debate.


Center for Development is a Not-for-Profit under Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act No. XXI of 1860). An Act for the Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies. All Right Reserved 2017